e endHey friends! Just before we get into things… I do not condone animal abuse… don’t get the message twisted here. Also… if you’re just listening to Daughter now, know that this episode will make zero sense if you’re joining now. So go ahead and make your way over to the beginning of the series to understand what’s going on!

Anyway, It has been a very long while. But thank you for your patience. This episode took a lot longer than usual to come together, partly because I’m thinking a lot about what’s coming next, also because my life has been very busy. Regardless of all that, I am so grateful that you’ve stuck around this long. Thank you for 7+ months of encouragement and support and thank you for respecting this story, it means so much to me that you have taken time out of your busy schedules to listen to the story of my mom; the child bride, the refugee, the prison escapee… You have given me a better understanding of humanity. Thank you for making this year and this project so spectacular.

I hope you enjoy this last episode, please stay in touch @daughterpodcast on twitter and Instagram, and feel free to email me your thoughts on the series at


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Daughter is a podcast series dedicated to sharing the untold stories of my mother, who also happens to be a refugee, a child bride, a prison escapee and my everything. Throughout this series, you’ll follow along with me as I learn more about her life, and about the sacrifices she’s made for my family. This project is my attempt at adding my mother, and the stories of so many, into the chronicles of history where they belong. But it’s also a project that highlights the dynamic of two different cultures colliding as a result of the mother-daughter relationship.

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